Monday, September 13, 2010

new album in the works...

Hi all, I will be working with well know Producer from Canada this year on the works of a new album which will bring a new form of my writing and co-production skills. I will be bringing new creative artists on board and also have an assortment of instruments to compliment the task.
I will list segments in progress as it happens..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New CD "ZepOcean" now available for download

James Evans
Record Label: Visor7 Records
  • Download Album (MP3) - $11.99

Album Notes

This album had taken James 3 yrs to complete due to some challenges he faced during the process.

Initially the album began in 2006 when one day James woke up to find his Ulnar nerve in his left arm to be severed. This stopped him from playing for nearly 2 years.

He then began working with track selections and booked the studio. Technical problems ensued with studios during the tracking process and James found himself as service tech trying to get through these trying times. Scheduling was also an issue where contributing artists were either on the road or tracking at another studio, this caused further delays.

In the final process James was very fortunate to have hooked up with renown Producer/Mixer/Engineer, Richard Chycki, who inspired to keep the project on target and focused. Richard brought his mixing skills to bring the project to where it is today, complete. Mastering was done by Andy VanDette, Chief Mastering Engineer at MasterDisk in New York. Again another quality talent brought to the project. CD Design and layout was contributed by James and Roee Gold.

944 Music Video (James Evans)

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